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Department of Agronomy

Department of Agronomy is intensively engaged in developing trained human resource base in crop production, conduct basic and applied research in various aspects of field crop production and soil management under varying agro-ecological conditions and socio-economic conditions of the farming community. It provides advisory services to farmers, NGOs and the relevant agro-based industry, imparting short term training to farmers and in service agri-personnel pertaining to latest developments in this field for better resource management and sustaining crop yields under changing environmental scenario.
The department’s goal is to provide state of the art education to our students while training work force to tackle food security of the nation is also an objective of the department. The faculty and staff of the department are devoted to excellence in education with the aims to deliver quality academic training including teaching, research and outreach in the areas of crop production, physiology, stress, ecology & environment, seed technology & physiology, plant nutrients management, drought & resource management, arid culture, allelopathy, weed science etc. The students are offered specialized courses leading to Bachelor's degree in Agronomy.