Department of Biochemistry

Advancement in agriculture cannot be deemed without chemistry. Hence, a productive agriculturist is a good agricultural chemist ensuring to address most of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Agricultural chemistry being an interdisciplinary course, ties together genetics, physiology, microbiology, entomology, soil, biochemistry, biotechnology and other sciences that contribute chemical techniques to agriculture. Due credit goes to Agricultural chemists for many chemical/technological advances in agriculture strengthening the motto of green revolution in many parts of the world. The core objective of the course is to train students to meet the present day needs of food security within the available resources. Efficient and skilful agricultural chemistry professionals are competent enough to motivate/convince farmers to fully understand and utilize the latest innovations in agriculture, develop technology and then disseminate to local industry.
The principal aim of department is to increase yield, improve quality and support the global population in a sustainable way while being responsible stewards of our environment and ecosystem. The department’s goal is to provide state of the art education to our students while training work force to tackle food security of the nation is also an objective of the department
The Department has qualified staff and excellent teaching and research infrastructure to produce quality graduates who have the potential to contribute in food security, poverty alleviation and national prosperity. The Department has more than 80.10 Impact Factor.