Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics

Plant breeding is a critical tool in the fight for food security and responsible environmental stewardship in the 21st century. For more than one hundred years, Plant Breeding and Genetics at University of Agriculture, Dera Ismail Khan has been widely recognized for developing novel breeding methodologies and varieties. Our Professors, Scientists and students conduct translational research that bridges the gap between fundamental research and its implementation in applied breeding programs. Despite the fact that 60% of the cultivable area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is rainfed, but there was no organized crop breeding program in the province for the target rainfed environment. Therefore, efforts are underway at the Department to tailor the current crop cultivars for the rainfed regions of the province using the indigenous and exotic germplasm in the breeding programs. Similarly, research is in progress to evolve crop cultivars for cultivation in marginal land of the province.
The departmental scope is marvelous, most of the agricultural research institutes in Pakistan like AARI, PARC, NARC, CCRI, NIAB and NIBGE etc. prefer to recruit the plant breeders education from this institution. Our graduates are working to evolve genetically improved special purpose crop varieties, which are high yielding, insect pest resistant, salt and drought tolerant and are adapted to green house farming. They are also recruited in hundreds of seed and pesticide companies and the agricultural extension work. Our graduates are busy in their own farming and producing incredibly high harvests.