Department of Zoology

Since the emergence of changing demand and perception of modern society, the relationships between people and animals have been an integral part of our society, economy and culture. Animals provide us food, clothing, recreation and companionship. Zoology focuses on the study of the biological function of domestic and captive animals and their utilization by people and also emphasizes on modern, efficient and humane ways to care for and make the best use of the animals who share our lives.
Zoology Degree programs provide training in the major disciplines of Zoological Sciences and prepares graduates for careers in a broad range of professions working with animals or within animal-related industries i.e., teaching, research, government advisory or regulatory roles, commerce and industries allied to animal health, welfare, nutrition, and the management of populations of free-living or captive wild animals. The degree programs provide in this discipline a broad foundation in basic sciences, research skills and the health, welfare, behavior, nutrition, genetics and breeding of animals, including farm animals, pets and performance animals. The programs also include a component in practical skills such as animal handling and the development of lifelong learning skills, critical thinking and effective communication with scientists and with those involved in animal related fields and applied aspects.
Animal scientists work in all parts of the world – from the plains and jungles of Africa from the smallest pets to the largest farm animals, horses or wild animals, and aquatic animals to the research laboratories of the world’s well-developed universities. This exploratory works covers wide variety of driplines like nutrition, reproduction, genetics, welfare, behavior, and health. In Pakistan, Animal Science graduates in general and in Zoology in specific can get mainly placements and inductions in education at all grades, research and clinical laboratories. Their utility further extends to other applied animal filed and they can serve as managers or other technical posts in livestock, wildlife, and fisheries and aquaculture projects. The graduates can also be employed as sales managers / representatives for pesticides, veterinary and human pharmaceutical companies, feed and food processing industries.