Fee Structure

S.No Degree Program 1st Semester Fee (Rs)
1BSc(Hons) Agriculture21,500
2BS Animal Sciences21,500
3BS Biochemistry21,500
4BS Computer Science16,500
5BS English17,500
6BS Environmental Sciences17,500
7BS Forestry35,000
8BS Mathematics17,500
9BS Medical Lab Technology35,000
10BS Zoology21,500
11Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons)16,500
S.No Diploma Program 1st Semester Fee (Rs)
1Diploma in Agriculture Sciences - DAS (3 Years)15,000
2Diploma in Food Sciences – DFDS (2 Years)12,000
3Diploma in Forensic Science - DFS (1 Year)15,000
4Diploma in Operation Theater Technology – DOTT (2 Years)13,500
5Diploma in Physiotherapy Technology – DPT (2 Years)13,500
6Diploma in Public Health Technology – DPHT (2 Years)13,500
7Diploma in Radiography and Medical Imaging – DRMI (2 Years)13,500
8Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality – DTH (2 Years)12,000
9Diploma in Veterinary & Animal Sciences - DVAS (3 Years)20,000
10Livestock Assistant Diploma – LAD (2 Years)20,000
11Livestock Assistant Diploma – LAD (3 Years)20,000
Note: The University reserves the right to make any change(s) in Fee Structure, as required.