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Pegham e Pakistan National Conference on Peace Building

University of Agriculture of D. I. Khan organized a seminar on Pegham e Pakistan. The seminar, was aimed at giving an insight to the nature and scope of Pegham e Pakistan.
The theme and objectives of the conference was highlighted by Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Anees (UAD) while the experts from universities around Pakistan, KP Centre for Excellence for CVE, and Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad, shared the details about Peace Narratives and Ethics.
The conference commenced with the important lecture of the Mr. Kashif Irshad, on the topic of Introduction of Pegham e Pakistan: A National Narrative for Peace. The speaker explained how National Narrative for Peace can revolutionize the society and give respectable environment for living. He also shed light on the different aspects that have crucial role in Peace building.
Dr. Zeeshan from Kohat University of science and technology, KP, enlightening the respecting core human values that Respect is an overarching consideration and represents recognition of each human being’s intrinsic value. As such, making opportunity for human beings to exercise autonomy and make their own decisions is paramount. Respect requires prior knowledge of and due regard for culture, values, customs, beliefs and practices.
Dr. Abdul Muhaimen from University of Haripur discussed the division of Muslim Ummah and presence of hatred between different schools of thought caused severe damage to the Ummah while described the importance of Ethics of disagreement in light of Quraan and Sunnah
Ambassador (retd) Zayad khan wazir, narrated that teacher has been regarded as the builder of the nation. He influences the students by his behavior. He should have a national outlook and reflect national consciousness, actions, conduct and behavior so that the students may receive the message of national integration.
At the end of the program, Participants were asked about their point of view on the quality of the seminar and all the participants agreed on the importance of these kinds of thoughtful gatherings essential for the betterment of the country and individual as well. They vowed to organize these seminars in the future continuously.
Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture D.I.Khan Prof. Dr. Masroor Elahi Babar (T.I) thanked the participants and described the importance of Pegham e Pakistan narrative for youth. He also explained that creation of Pakistan is an astounding one, and quite a unique occurrence in modern history. Freedom is not free, it comes with a price. Gaining independence cost you sacrificing lives of many, therefore it should be protected, love, respected, and appreciated. Violence in any part of society affects us all. From the scars on the next generation to the weakening of the social fabric. We can draw a straight line between violence against women, civil oppression and violent conflict. Let’s take an oath that we will always protect our nation from the people who ruin someone’s freedom.